Hey there! Thank you for finding me on my little place on the web. I bet you’re wondering who I am?!

My name is Saebbe Reidhead, I’m 36 year old wife and mother to 4 awesome kiddos. In 2012 after the birth of my third kid, I decided to drop out of nursing school and focus on creating a home based business that would allow me more time to stay with my kids, as well as keep my business skills sharp. Before I decided to go into nursing I was a business major, I was going to finish my MBA, unfortunately living in a small town, I would have to move to do this. Moving was not an option, my family and my husbands family are here, we are needed by them and when we lost my mother in law in 2015 to cancer, that role for all of us became even more important.

I’ve been taking classes on web design, CSS, social media management and Microsoft office to keep up with the ever changing technology. I’ve also been working as a ghost writer for various mommy blogs so I can stay in the loop with the latest blog development information. During my slow Virtual Assisting and writing months I also sell LuLaRoe which is  Direct Sales clothing company. This project and small business, developed my skills further and has allowed me to offer my current clients even more options when they decide to work with me.

I can proudly say that I specialize in ghost writing, social media management and direct sales assisting. From Excel, to SignUpGenius, ShopTheRoe, to WordPress. I can do it all. I am truly the one stop Virtual Assistant for 2017. Small projects, such as a few filler blogs while you go on vacation, to a complete overhaul of your customer management system. I’m ready for anything.


If you need to get ahold of me, please email me directly at Saebbe@Onisms.com and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


Thank you!



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